About the pygmy goat folx

Why does pygmy goat folx refer to itself as a rescue?

Billy goats are male goats. In common livestock farming practices, billy goats are used primarily as breeders. Disbudding (removing a buckling’s horns) and castration (removal of the goats’ testicles) are common practices. These practices are intended to make young goats more docile and to prevent mature goats from experiencing the urgency to breed.

At pygmy goat folx, we ensure that our little friends stay entirely whole and happy. We adopt little male goats (pygmies and dwarfs) to provide them a happy life of eating plants with all of their body parts intact.

Contact Us

For more information about arranging a hungry herd to visit your habitat, please send a detailed description of your project with pictures if possible to pygmygoatfolx@gmail.com